QuietAudit® Cyber Assessments

Cyberattacks put your organization at risk. Evaluate your cybersecurity with three different system audits.

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If you are worried about the security of your network, NetDiligence offers our members three different levels of cyber assessments to ensure your cybersecurity.

For members that complete a Health Check or CFO assessment and meet certain criteria, the CSD Pool offers a higher sublimit at no additional cost.

Assessments Include:

  • Health Check Assessment – A Best Practices conversation
  • Vulnerability Scan – Test your public facing presence for weaknesses
  • CFO Assessment – A combination of Heath Check Assessment and Vulnerability Scan

Assessment Features:

  • Review of any prior audit materials or applications
  • Client IT Security Phone Interview to maximize efficiency
  • Risk Manager Summary Report
  • Network/Website Vulnerability Scan Test
  • Interpretive Summary

Higher Sublimits Available

By performing the Health Check Assessment and meeting other requirements, you can qualify for a higher sublimit with the CSD Pool, with an increase from $200K to $1M.

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