Safety Hero Award

Help us recognize your team for their commitment to safety.

Some individuals go above and beyond when it comes to the safety of others. The CSD Pool is honored to recognize the people who bring a special kind of dedication to the job with our Quarterly Safety Hero Award.

Winners are featured on our website, in our quarterly newsletter, the Risk Management Review, and receive a $100 Amazon Gift card!

Take a moment to recognize your Safety Hero today!

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The Fine Print

  • Can I win the Safety Hero Award more than once? Of course! There is no limit to how many times you can win this award.
  • How often is a winner chosen? We choose four (4) winners a year, one for each quarter.
  • What’s the award? A $100 Amazon Gift Card.
  • What’s it mean to be featured in the quarterly newsletter? We’d love to get a photo of you, and a few quotes for an article.

Safety Hero Award winners are featured on our website. Here’s a look at past Safety Heroes.

David Lindquist / Lefthand Fire Protection District

Learn more about David Lindquist, Lefthand Fire’s Training Captain, and his organizational leadership, material handling training, and training skills.

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Jennifer King / South Suburban Parks and Recreation District

Learn more about Jenniffer King, SSPRD’s Risk and Compliance Manager, and her dedication to safety.

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Ken Koger / South Adams County Fire Department

South Adams County Fire Department is the home base of our Q4 2021 Safety Hero, Administrative Support Chief Ken Koger.

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James Burkholder / South Adams County WSD

The Fleet & Facilities Technician is this quarter’s Safety Hero.

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Walter Mack / Cherokee Metropolitan District

This Safety Coordinator has succeeded in laying the foundation for Cherokee Metro’s safety culture.

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Kevin Wilks / Foothills Park and Rec

The Regional Parks Supervisor at Foothills Park and Recreation has been demonstrating safety leadership for over a decade.

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Cathy Kiser / Eastern Rio Blanco Metro Park and Rec

Cathy leads Eastern Rio Blanco Metro Park and Recreation District’s safety initiatives with her “can-do” attitude and love of innovation

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Loretta Bertagni / Douglas County Libraries

Bertagni has made big changes at her district and is a standout pick for Safety Hero.

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Julie Stuck / Eagle River Water and Sanitation

Hailing from Eagle River Water and Sanitation District, Julie provides a perspective on safety that stands out from the rest of our recent recipients. Click to find out why Julie Stuck made the cut.

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Sandy Mourning / Upper Thompson Water and Sanitation

Mourning has advocated for a safer workplace and transformed her district’s culture over the course of her fourteen year tenure.

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Chris Carter / Orchard Mesa Irrigation

Carter helped change the conversation at Orchard Mesa through a variety of both inventive and traditional safety initiatives. Find out more about her role.

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Anthony Vossler / Clear Creek Metro Recreation District

If you live around Idaho Springs and have had the privilege of visiting the beautiful parks facilities of Clear Creek Metropolitan Recreation District over the last three years, then you may have come across the handiwork of Anthony Vossler.

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Jeff Duda / Clifton Sanitation

The CSD Pool is pleased to announce that Jeff Duda of Clifton Sanitation District is our first CSD Safety Hero. Going forward we will be announcing a new Safety Hero every quarter. We want to work with members to shine a light on some of the heroes who make their workplaces safer every day.

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