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Human resources can be a perplexing maze of regulations, human interactions, and market pressures. Whether a district has a single human resources contributor, a whole team, or just the district manager, everyone could use a little guidance.

CSD members can obtain consultations for a variety of HR needs through our partners at CPS HR. CPS HR Consulting is a client-centered HR and management consulting firm, specializing in solving the unique challenges faced by government agencies. CPS is a self-supported public agency, so they understand the issues facing the public sector and have served as a trusted advisor for over 30 years.

CPS is now available for HR consulting to Pool members. Members are eligible for up to ten hours of no-cost human resources consulting per year. After that, you can obtain CPS’ services at special rates.

CPS Services Include:

  • Job posting guidelines
  • Individual HR training
  • Candidate screening
  • Answering applicant questions
  • Policy review
  • Employee relations assistance


  • Investigations
  • Job description development
  • Recruitment strategy development
  • Project management
  • Program development
  • Personnel assessments

HR Legal Issues

In addition to these services, we also provide the CSD Pool HR Helpline which also features sample policies and valuable information as well as no-cost access to attorneys who specialize in human resources.

You can pose your questions by email or phone, to ensure that every action your HR and management teams take is legal, appropriate, and informed.

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HR Legal Issues

For HR issues that involve possible legal liability, please refer to CSD HR Helpline.

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