Pre-Loss Legal

Don’t let a small issue become a major legal problem.

Legal issues happen. Whether they arise from issues with external parties, board members, or employees, CSD can help you prevent these problems from getting out of control.

We have two options to help members here. One is for general issues unrelated to employment, and the other program is specifically aimed at employment-related issues.

For General Legal Issues

Members are eligible for no-cost legal consultation from our pre-selected panel of attorneys specializing in cases involving special districts.

These services allow your district to avoid or prepare for costly lawsuits or respond to legal actions when necessary.

(Subject to a limit of $3,500 per occurrence and $7,000 per coverage period.)

For Human Resources Issues

Human resources issues are among the most costly legal problems a special district can face. Claims such as wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and accusations of discrimination fall under federal law, precluding the protections of governmental immunity.

Pool members have access to HR Helpline, which includes access to attorneys specializing in HR issues. You can ask questions by email or by phone at no cost.

General Issues

Contact us at 800-318-8870 or email us using the link below to request more information for non-HR related issues.

Contact us

HR Issues

If you are already a user of CSD HR Helpline, click the link below. If you’re not currently a user, click here to request an account.

Visit HR Helpline