Cover Your Flush

Keep your community’s pipes flowing smoothly

The Drain Facts campaign ( was created in partnership with numerous Pool members to assist water and sanitation districts in educating their customers about lateral service line backups.

Members are free to copy any written content on this website to use in their own outreach efforts. Also, members can purchase customized or generic printed brochures to distribute to their customers.

Website Features

  • Provides homeowners steps to respond to a backup
  • Advises homeowners on lateral line responsibility and available insurance options
  • Offers preventative advice
  • Informs the public about efforts sanitation districts have to avoid backups
  • Extensive ‘Do Not Flush’ lists
  • Examples of Banner Links to put on district websites
  • Downloadable PDFs of trifold flyers, one-page white papers, and information sheets


Pool members can refer any customer affected with a sewer or water backup event to SERVPRO of Greater Boulder (303-494-2000) for water damage mitigation.

When you are dealing with water damage, immediate action is crucial. SERVPRO responds without delay and uses advanced equipment and techniques. They monitor and document the drying process to verify your customer’s property is dried thoroughly. They will also work with other local water extraction companies to meet the quality control established for Pool members.

Our program provides up to $10,000 per premise with a $200,000 total amount per occurrence.

Ordering Printed Materials

Pool members can request printed versions of the Drain Facts brochure. Additionally, we can provide a custom, digital version of the brochure tailored to your district with your logo, name, and contact information. To place an order, contact us.

Members can select any of the following documents for download:

Drain Facts
Trifold Flyer
One-Page Information Sheet
One-page "Do Not Flush" List

Generic Drain Facts Brochures:
Required minimum order of 75 brochures.
$0.20 per copy + Free Shipping ($0.10 after Safety Grant reimbursement)

Visit the Website

Share the link below with your customers to help spread the word about keeping their lateral service lines clean.

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