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The most innovative solution ever created for mandatory checks.

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Say hello to Vector Check It, a tool built to streamline routine maintenance and inventory checks of vehicles, tools, and other items. It lets you create customizable checklists and criteria based on your own needs.

Ensure resources are functioning properly and have confidence that your gear is always ready for action. Open service tickets, document costs, and track the progress of an out-of-service apparatus. It’s time to take your operations to the next level.

Vector Check It is the ultimate in operations management software. Check It works on computers and mobile devices and streamlines operations for fire departments, water and wastewater operations, or any public works district that has a fleet of autos and large equipment.

The Power is in Your Hands

Here’s how Check It can help streamline your fleet management:

  • Manage apparatus and equipment checks on your computer, tablet, or smart phone
  • Identify issues immediately with real-time analytics
  • Stay informed of your equipment’s repair costs and repair stage
  • Send notifications and alerts of past-due checks
  • User Support with Live Webinars

Utility for Every District

Vector Check It is for any district that has vehicles and large equipment. This includes:

  • Fire districts
  • Ambulance and EMS districts
  • Metropolitan districts
  • Water and wastewater districts
  • Park and recreation districts
  • Irrigation and conservation districts

Pricing Information *

Member Status Minimum Cost Cost per User
Full Retail Price (Non-Members) $1,500 $69
Workers’ Comp Members $1,500 $50
Property and Liability Members $1,500 $43
Safety Grant Reimbursement Up to 50% back

* CSD and Vector Solutions require that participating districts enroll their entire fleet in the program.

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