Driver Training and Assessment

Evaluate your drivers, fill training gaps, and reduce overall liability

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We partner with Vector Solutions to bring your district all-in-one online driver training and assessments that provide interactive video exercises. First-person perspective puts trainees in the driver’s seat, while in-depth feedback explains scenarios and identifies gaps in training.

Get started in a few clicks. The training program is intuitive and hands-off for administrators. Courses are auto-assigned and self-maintaining.

training program includes:

  • Twelve engaging courses that are automatically assigned on a monthly basis
  • A sequence of training based on the trainee’s assessment performance and needs

3D Animations

  • 3D animations and 360-degree videos replicate dangerous driving conditions within the safety of a controlled learning environment
  • Content is immersive, interactive, and up-to-date


At this time, the Driver Training and Assessment program is FREE for 12 months from sign-up for all CSD Pool Members.

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