Decision-making and project management software for the entire district.

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PowerNoodle brings together behavioral and decision science and the latest technology to take the dysfunction out of group decision making and replaces it with a set of guided structured activities.

PowerNoodle is software that provides the framework for quality organizational decisions to ensure your district is solving the right problems and everyone is on the same page.

PowerNoodle helps you identify and prioritize obstacles that not only focus on what obstacles exists but also which are the most important ones to focus on first through a voting function. This can all be done when the participant has time and doesn’t require a meeting to be called using their mobile phone.

Using your noodle

With Powernoodle, you can:

  • Compile a set of creative and doable alternatives to a problem
  • Identify meaningful and reliable information in an era of information overload
  • Mitigate biases to make truly rational decisions
  • Facilitate a commitment of action by involving all shareholders in the decision making process.
  • Create an action plan

Risk ID and Assessments

The Powernoodle platform allows you to:

  • ID potential risk that could impact your organization
  • Combine to eliminate duplicates and move forward with only unique risks
  • Rate each risk based on impact and likelihood
  • Prioritize to ensure the right risks are managed going forward
  • Develop a specific action plan to address the high priority risks

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