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SKIDTRUCK and SKIDCAR offer a revolutionary system that allows those who drive vehicles on the job, whether larger vehicles such as small buses, fire engines, ambulances, or large pickup trucks/SUVs, or smaller vehicles, such as police cars or maintenance vehicles, to simulate how to drive in inclement weather conditions where loss of traction is a constant risk.

SKIDTRUCK/SKIDCAR training takes place at the Adams County Fairgrounds. But we can also bring it to you! We can perform the training on any concrete pad that is at least 200 feet by 500 feet and is free of obstructions like light poles.

“I completed our skid training yesterday. What an amazing program! I wish we had this technology when I was learning to drive and now that it’s here, I recommend everyone take the course. It challenged us to rethink how we handle a skid or sliding situation and relearn skills that will help to prevent or recover from them.”

Alan Fletcher, Fire Chief at Fairmount Fire Protection District

Four Training Components

There are four core missions to SKIDTRUCK/SKIDCAR training to help participants become more disciplined drivers.

  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Gaining Awareness of Vehicle Technology
  • Grip: Demonstrated in the classroom as well as behind the wheel
  • Speed: Higher speeds will reduce visual efficiency. Demonstrated in the classroom and behind the wheel.

Training Available

We’re hosting winter and spring 2022 training sessions at Adams County Fairgrounds. If you don’t see a date or time that works for you, send us an email at

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2022 Pricing Information

Course Type
4-Hour Course $200

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For a more in-depth overview of how SKIDTRUCK/SKIDCAR driver training can help improve your district's traffic safety, click the link below.

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