An essential part of your internal emergency communications.

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Pool members can utilize the SmartNotice mass communication platform to notify their staff of critical events in mere seconds. This tool allows district management to blast messages to employees through email, text message, or phone calls, replacing the traditional ‘phone tree’ style messaging system.

These messages can be customized based on individual work locations or departments. It can even integrate with some human resources information systems.

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Be Weather Ready

This system can be integrated with National Weather Service data to provide weather-based reminders about safe driving, personal protective equipment, or personal safety.

Members can also elect to receive notifications of potentially damaging weather events which include advice on coping with that event and directions on how to file a claim in case something is damaged during the event.

How SmartNotice Keeps You Connected

Your district can use this system to notify employees of events such as:

  • Emergency meetings
  • Inclement weather closings
  • Fire or evacuation drills
  • Disaster notifications such as tornadoes or hail storms
  • Active shooter or similar situations
  • Evacuation order coordination

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