Sospes Safety Software

Save time and money with award-winning mobile software shown to reduce organizational risk.

The most powerful software for EHS management, Sospes provides a robust and secure backbone to your organization’s health and safety program while transforming your organization into a digital leader in safety. Sospes workplace safety management software is paired with an easy-to-learn, simple-to-use mobile app that allows you to document inspections, report near-misses, safety observations and incidences involving injuries, environmental releases, motor-vehicle accidents and property damage from any mobile device. Even if you’re offline!

Improve various aspects of your organization with Sospes safety management software and see the benefits through reduced workplace injuries and incidences, reduced Worker’s Compensation costs and saved costs year-over-year.

The Sospes Way

Reduce costs of daily safety operating procedures while improving performance

  • Inspections & Audits – create job briefings, inspections, equipment checks, safety reviews, JHAs, DOT compliance checklists and more
  • Certification Management – track employee certification and credentials and stay up to date with automated alerts and notifications
  • Safety Management – report incidents, near-misses, observations, property damage, injuries and more
  • World Class Support – our team of customer success professionals will be with you every step of the way, from implementation to after-sale support and training
  • Mobile & Offline Capability – cloud-based system designed to work on any mobile device or tablet
  • Increase Accountability – assign tasks, witness reports and investigations and be notified when actions are not completed on a timely basis
  • Save Time & Money – automated data collection and real-time report creation eliminates paper and administrative overhead all while saving your organization money

Unlock the Power of Data Driven Improvement

Many companies claim to deliver analytic reports. Sospes’ standard set of useful, and interactive, operating dashboards are designed to not just answer the questions of What Happened, but to help you understand Why it Happened and What Might Happen next.

Drill down into your company’s workplace safety and accurately visualize safety and operational metrics with dashboards generated in real-time from safety incidents and safety observations directly from your employees.

Monitor trends, actions and leading indicators using our powerful system dashboards and alerts.

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