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WEBINAR – Preventing Workplace Harassment

Register Now This webinar will introduce participants to laws governing sexual harassment, the proper procedures for reporting harassment, and employer’s obligations once a complaint is received, and ways to end abusive conduct in the workplace. About the presenter: Sejal Thakker is a project consultant with CPS HR Consulting. She has an extensive background in employment […]

WORKSHOP – HR Analytics

Register Now This course is designed for Human Resources (HR) professionals who want to develop or enhance their organization’s HR analytic capabilities by effectively gathering key data, developing meaningful metrics to monitor and measure success, and using analytics to make effective decisions. As such, this course introduces HR professionals to the theory, concepts, and business […]

WORKSHOP – Employee Relations and Rights

Register Now This course is designed to provide an overview of the discipline process and performance management, review how to prevent complaints, and what to do when they occur. We’ll also discuss the role of regulatory agencies and provide an intro to fact-finding and investigative techniques when a complaint is filed. We will address the […]