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Topics relating to HR

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

View Recording In this event, you will gain a better understanding of emotional intelligence, including verbal and nonverbal communication, and much more!Emotional intelligence describes the ability to understand one’s own […]

Energizing People for Performance

View Recording We’ll discuss what it means to be motivated (and unmotivated) and strategies for energizing employees toward better performance.A universal struggle of managers is how to motivate employees; sometimes […]

Sexual Harassment Prevention for Staff

View Recording This course for staff members will provide you with the information you need about sexual harassment prevention in the workplace.This course for staff members will provide you with […]

Increasing Productivity with a Strategic Mindset

View Recording Learn how to prevent this important aspect of leadership from getting put aside in the busyness of “getting stuff done.”Working in a decidedly task-oriented environment often depletes the […]

HR Spotlight: Harassment Prevention in the Workplace

This course will provide the information you need about harassment prevention in the workplace. This webinar will focus on: what constitutes harassment, how to promote a respectful workplace, and when and how to report harassment in the workplace.