Training Credit Program

Earn big savings on your district’s coverage just by training.

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Join our Training Credit program to earn up to 10% off of your Liability contribution!

Earn up to 5% off of your Liability contribution when 80% of your district’s employees participate in the program. Or earn up to 10% off with 100% participation! See details below.

The Fine Print: Credits apply only to Liability and related coverages and cannot reduce a contribution below minimum. Districts with no employees are not eligible for this program. External safety training is eligible for this program by special arrangement.

The Rules are Simple:

  • District employees must take 1 Vector Solutions course from our list below.
  • Only full time and part time employees are required to participate.
  • Seasonal employees, volunteers (firefighters, coaches, etc.), board members, on call employees, and contractors and agency temps are all optional.
  • Each district has a full year to complete requirements: The Training Credit program opens on October 1st and closes on September 30th each year.

How do I start?

  • Fill out the Training Credit application.
  • Have required employees choose a Vector Solutions course from the list below.
  • The CSD Pool will send bimonthly reports of your district’s progress. Run your own reports by following these directions (PDF).
  • Complete all training by September 30.
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Vector Solutions Courses

The following 50 courses are accepted in the Training Credit program. Each employee must choose one course from this list to complete.

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Fill out the Training Credit application before starting your training.

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