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The CSD Pool Training Center provides members with a single location for all their training needs. Your team can take the training in this system, or record your outside training, all for absolutely no cost.

This system is easy to use, easy to access, and completely free to members and their employees. It is the home of our Training Credit programs and is constantly being updated with new content, revised courses, and system improvements.

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Catalog of Courses

The Training Center features a catalog of hundreds of courses covering a wide range of topics including:

  • Sexual harassment / discrimination prevention
  • Health and safety
  • Driving safety
  • Human resources
  • Project management
  • Computer software
  • Management skills

Something for Everyone

In addition to safety and general interest courses, the Training Center features content that speaks directly to parks and libraries, as well as training units for water and wastewater utilities.

Fire and EMS districts have the option of upgrading to a dedicated portal which provides advanced record keeping and fire service curriculum.

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