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“There is no way to deliver the same information to every member for the same amount of money.” – Chief Bob Olme, West Metro Fire

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Vector Solutions is a nationally-recognized industry leader in first responder training. The CSD Pool offers access to the Fire & EMS version of Vector Solutions to its members at a fraction of the regular cost.

This special pricing makes this an indispensable part of your district’s training. We discount 25% off Workers’ Compensation members or 50% off any district with Property and Liability coverage. Additionally, the cost of Vector Solutions is eligible for the Safety and Loss Prevention Grant program, making this invaluable program exceptionally affordable.

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Training Details:

  • More than 600 NFPA-certified and EMS CEU courses
  • Includes NFPA Series 1001, 1021, and 1500
  • District-specific branded online training center
  • Access training anytime, anywhere
  • Compatible with our Training Credit Program

Benefits Include:

  • Manages all your records, including credentials, ISO classifications, licenses, and more
  • Connect with other fire agencies locally and nationally
  • Track Job Performance Requirements by position
  • Technical assistance available anytime
  • Compatible with Vector Solutions Check It

Pricing Information

Set Up Fees Cost per Career Firefighter Cost per Volunteer Firefighter
Full Retail Price Between $800-$5,850 $125 $125
Workers’ Comp Members $0 $84.00 $68.00
Property and Liability Members $0 $56.00 $46.00
Safety Grant Reimbursement N/A Up to 50% back Up to 50% back

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