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Our Training Center offers training units (TUs) to water and wastewater operators using online courses certified annually by the Colorado Operator Certification Program Office.

This system is easy to use, easy to access, and completely free to members and their employees. It is also the home of our Training Credit programs, making this an essential companion for all water and sanitation districts.

This system will also allow you and your operators to track their TUs with both inside and outside training. That makes maintaining certifications even easier.

Also, sign up for live webinars where support and training personnel hold in-depth webinars on a regular basis to get you ready to use your Vector LMS products.

Catalog of Courses

The Training Center also features a catalog of hundreds of courses covering an enormous range of other topics including:

  • Sexual harassment / discrimination prevention
  • Health and safety
  • Driving safety
  • Human resources
  • Computer software
  • Management skills

Track Your Certifications

The Training Center offers TUs that apply to the following credentials:

  • Water Treatment Class A, B, C, S, D, T
  • Wastewater Treatment Class A, B, C, S, D, T
  • Collection System Operator Class 1 – 4
  • Distribution System Operator Class 1 – 4
  • Industrial System Operator Class 1, A – T
  • Industrial System Operator Class 2, A – T

Getting Set Up

While anyone can self-assign training units, if you’d like to coordinate credential tracking for your district, let us know. We can help you get started.

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