About CSD

Your Risk Management Partner since 1988

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You aren’t a typical private company. Your needs are unique.

That’s why we aren’t a typical insurer. We’re a cooperative with a mission to support its members’ needs. We built the CSD Pool to help groups like yours succeed.

Things are different here.

  • Enjoy the confidence of stable rates.
    Our strong financials allow us the liberty to provide stable rates.
  • Go ahead, be amazing.
    We rate members by type, so you’re independent of other types of districts.
  • Operate your district with peace of mind.
    You can scale your liability limit up to $10 million, so you can be certain of your ability to pay.
  • Build your skills and earn big savings.
    Engage your team with free training and receive credits on your contribution.
  • Double your team’s safety budget.
    You can earn as much as fifty percent back on eligible safety products.
  • Have your voice heard.
    We are member-owned, which means your district has a say in how we operate.
  • Fear no earthquake, flood, or terrorist attack.
    We cover your scheduled property from these perils at no additional cost.
  • Do business online without losing sleep.
    Built-in cyber reduces the need for other policies.
  • Boost your training, safety, HR, and IT teams.
    We have a resource that speaks to every aspect of your operation.
  • Make informed choices.
    We give you two ways to access free counseling from specialty attorneys.

History of the CSD Pool

  • The Pool started out with just 107 members. These districts needed a stable, high-quality alternative to the traditional insurance market.
  • The Pool started out slowly, not yet having the stability, breadth of coverages, or services which would later become a major part of Pool membership.
  • The Pool’s slow rise continued into the 1990s since at the time it did not work with brokers and was unable to get representatives in front of very many members.
  • Since they were not satisfied with the direction of the Pool, the Board of Directors hired a new team to take over administration of the CSD Pool. This same team continues to operate the Pool today.
  • One of the first things the new Administrator did was allow the Pool to work with insurance brokers throughout the state. This allowed the Pool to use brokers as its representatives, giving it greater reach.
  • With new administrators still settling in, the Pool began to try new ways to reach out to members, allowing membership to break the 200 mark for the first time.
  • Responding to the needs of its members, the Pool adds workers’ compensation to its program.
  • The number of members increases to the milestone number of 1,000 as the state and the Pool continue to grow.
  • The Pool opens csdpool.com to members to help share its growing list of coverages and programs.
  • The Pool moves administration to McGriff, Seibels & Williams, Inc.
  • Our Online University opens, offering members the chance to train online, anytime.
  • The Pool started giving back first thousands, then millions, of dollars to members to help make a lasting impact on safety, loss prevention, and the success of each district.
  • The Pool turns 25 and changes its logo to mark the occasion.
  • Membership continues to grow despite the Great Recession.
  • The Pool’s newsletter undergoes a big change, becoming a popular feature of Pool membership.
  • The Pool, along with partners such as the CSFC, SDA, and others, work together to form the Colorado Firefighter Heart and Circulatory Benefits Trust.
  • Pueblo West Metro District becomes the first district we feature in our newsletter, but definitely not the last.
  • The Pool and its partners work to add a Cancer Program to the CFHC Trust, helping both fire districts and firefighters.
  • We begin recognizing individual employees who have contributed to the safety and success of their district and of the whole Pool.
  • The Pool’s website undergoes its first major renovation in nearly 15 years.