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We know that managing safety means more than buying bandages. It needs buy-in from both employees and management, and investment in your facilities, policies, and people.

Our Workers’ Compensation program empowers you to do just that. We offer thousands in safety grant funds, free training programs, and guidance for safety committees. We have a solution tailored to every level of your organization.

Our size allows for better oversight of claims handling, which means our members—every one of them—gets the personalized attention they deserve. When you join CSD you combine our resources, our team, and our expertise with yours.

Special Features:

  • Crisis Management Coverage included
  • Nurse Triage Program
  • Increased Employer’s Liability limit
  • Dedicated safety management consultant can travel to your district to help with loss prevention training at no cost to you
  • Flexible rating plan with large deductibles available
  • Dedicated claims staff including supervisors and senior adjusters working on your behalf to investigate, adjust, and close claims promptly and fairly

Available Credits:

  • Multi-Program Discount
  • Cost Containment Credit
  • Reimbursement for CFHC Trust Cancer Program
  • Volume Discount
  • Designated Medical Provider Discount
  • Competitive Deductible Discount
  • Direct Discount
  • Early Pay Discount

Worker’s Compensation Program Comparison

CSD Pool Insurance Companies
$2 Million Employer’s Liability Limit Not typically included
Crisis Management Coverage Not typically included
Reimbursement for CFHC Trust Cancer Program Not typically included

Workers’ Compensation Coverage Overview

Overview What does it cover? Districts that need this:
Our Workers’ Compensation program covers work-related injuries and illness to members’ employees, board members, and covered volunteers
  • Employee injuries and illness arising from employment and subsequent income replacement
  • Any district with employees, statutory volunteers, or board members
Loss Scenario What does it cover:
An employee falls off a ladder and breaks her left arm at work. She requires intensive medical care including surgery. Two months later she returns to work with full recovery.
  • Medical expenses, such as evaluation, prescription medication, and surgery costs
  • Her normal income is covered at two-thirds until she returns to work
  • Rehabilitative expenses, including post-surgery physical therapy
An employee complains of pain in his wrist whenever he uses his keyboard.
  • Investigation of the claim, including ergonomic evaluation of his workstation
  • Medical expenses, including care and prescription medicine
  • Rehabilitative expenses, including physical therapy, if prescribed

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