Member benefits include complimentary access to eRisk Hub and discounted QuietAudit Cyber Assessments.

eRisk Hub

eRisk Hub, powered by NetDiligence, is a web-based portal that assembles a broad toolbox of resources to help your organization combat cyber security threats with minimal, controlled, and predictable costs.

Whether your district is preparing for future threats or responding to an attack, eRisk Hub is a vital resource to the safety of your district, its reputation, and its digital security.


Cyber Assessments

QuietAudit Cyber Assessments, powered by NetDiligence, offers our members three different levels of cyber assessments to ensure your cybersecurity is up-to-date.

For members that complete a Health Check or CFO aessessment and meet certain criteria, the CSD Pool offers a higher sublimit at no additional cost. Funding available on a limited basis.