Safety and Loss Prevention Programs

Safety Training and Inspections

Safety Consulting

On-site, through email, or over the phone—our consultations will show you what you’re doing right and where you might need improvement. Take it one step further and dig into our incident trending data, district-specific safety training, and policy updates.

Our Safety Management Consultant is local, specializes in special districts, and is ready to provide guidance, training and more.


Driver Safety

SambaSafety Motor Vehicle Reporting

The CSD Pool has partnered with SambaSafety to offer continuous motor vehicle reporting to all eligible members. Click here to access and learn more about your district portal.

MVRs are one of the most effective tools to manage the risk of automobile use by members and must be obtained at least annually to determine if re-training, removal, or restriction of driving responsibilities may be necessary for drivers.


SKIDTRUCK and SKIDCAR Driver Training

SKIDTRUCK and SKIDCAR offer a revolutionary system that allows those who drive both large and small vehicles on the job to simulate how to drive in inclement weather conditions where loss of traction is a constant risk.

The SKIDTRUCK/SKIDCAR allows your drivers to learn how to maintain control of their vehicle in a skid, and how to stay calm and avoid what could be a catastrophic accident.


Online Driver Training and Assessments

We partner with Vector Solutions to bring your district all-in-one online driver training and assessments that provide interactive video exercises.

First-person perspective puts trainees in the driver’s seat, while in-depth feedback explains scenarios and identifies gaps in training.



Vector Check It

Never worry about the status of your apparatus again. Powered by Vector Solutions, receive instant reminders anytime inventory, vehicles, or tools need your attention. This is the ultimate in operations management software.

This is an essential tool to any district with a fleet, such as a fire department, park and rec, or water/wastewater utility.


Vector Safety Data Sheets

Vector SDS makes managing your safety data sheets easy and accessible.

This is done by taking your SDSs to next level by taking everything online and putting the SDS in the palm of your employees hand.


Vector EHS

Accidents may be inevitable, but incidents can be avoided. Transform the way you and your employees report and track incidents. From any smartphone, track, report, and remedy in real time.

Vector EHS’ intuitive and user-friendly app allows employees to immediately report any injury, illness, property damage, safety observation, or near miss.


No-Cost Enterprise Risk Management


Instant Communications from wherever and whenever to your entire staff, all at the push of a button. Through email, text, or voice, make sure your employees know about the upcoming fire drill, inclement weather in the area, or the possibility of a snow day.

Tell your entire staff, even those at home or in the field, about emergencies or updates quickly and easily.


Equipment Management

Equipment Breakdown Management

As part of our relationship with our equipment breakdown coverage provider, Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB), managers can use the HELIXintel platform to track and maintain an unlimited amount of equipment, supplies and inventory across multiple locations.

We encourage you to take advantage of this platform as a way to better predict and prevent the risk of your equipment breakdown. This service is provided to members at no additional cost.